We believe that in order for us to truly progress into the future we need to support the longevity of sustainable fashion. Since 2017, we became official partners with MVO Nederland and together we are working on a project SWITCH Africa green again subject The Green Tanning Initiative. This project promotes technologies that reduce the environmental impact of leather processing and it aims at creating sustainable employment in the industry in Ethiopia. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work together with MVO Nederland and two other industry leaders, Solidaridad and STAHL, in supporting sustainable tanning initiatives and striving to develop leather that is made using less chemicals, energy, water and salt. In addition, we are committed to ethical trade, working only with local craftsmen and designers in fair working conditions to ensure product authenticity and quality. As perfection does not come straight away, the next coming years will be used to put our mission into practice; giving back to Ethiopia through collaboration and knowledge exchange on producing leather products in a way that reduces chemicals, water waste and more. We will constantly add, develop, research new techniques and pioneer new materials that will improve our products and thereby engage people with the unique beauty that Ethiopia has to offer through leather goods. Through this Projects, we want you to wear our products with the comfort that you are helping to support local Ethiopian craftsmanship and sustainability.