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About us

Our handcrafted boots & shoes are made from high quality cow leather and are made in a small factory in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. Our style is clean and unisex, making our shoes suitable for everybody, everyday. In fact, our mission is to give everyone sustainable & stylish shoes without compromising on comfort. We’re based in Holland, but Ethiopia is where our journey began. In 2015, in a barbershop in Addis Abeba, we came across a man wearing a great looking pair of leather boots. We asked him where he bought them and soon we had a pair too! Back in Amsterdam, friends and strangers couldn’t stop asking us where we got our boots from! At this moment, we knew that we had to create our own style of shoe. So, we decided to create a sustainable footwear range handcrafted by the hands of local experts, combining local craftsmanship with European style and design. In April 2016, TDleatherboots was born. However, perfection doesn't come straight away and much of our time at the start of our journey was focused around quality control. It is essential for us to supply you with the highest quality shoe and after listening to your feedback we made sure to fix any issues that our designs faced. Updating our models continuously, enables us to ensure that we fit your feet with the most comfortable and stylish shoe possible and that's what we have today.

Proudly made in Ethiopia

We are proud to work with local designers and shoemakers to ensure our boots & shoes are truly authentic. Our commitment to ethical trade and investing in our country of origin means we will never make our shoes anywhere else. Our bootmakers work in a proper factory, in good conditions and we pay a fair price for their craftsmanship.  



Our mission for the future of TD is to create shoes that not only look great, but also help local communities in Africa while supporting the longevity of sustainable fashion. In fact, we believe so strongly in working towards a fair and green world that 1% of our yearly profits will be going directly towards communities and charities that support fantastic and urgent causes. As we grow, we will share with you exactly which projects and organizations we will be helping out so that you know precisely what you are supporting by wearing TD's on your feet. So let's bring TD leather boots to the world together and make sure that the future of fashion is sustainable and honest!

Questions? Comments? Fanmail? Please get in touch with us info@tdleatherboots.com

We hope you enjoy your walk with us!

With love,


Tewodros Dechase
Managing Director of TDleatherboots




ING Bank
NL18 INGB 0007167705

Chamber of Commerce

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the registration number 65358503.