About us

TDleathers is a webshop that sells leather boots and shoes. Suitable for men and women. Our product are handcrafted, purest form of leather in Ethiopia. They’re comfortable, sustainable and affordable. TDleathers was created due to a need of a pair of good looking, basic leather boots and shoes without too much fuss to it. And of course comfortable ones! Through a small market research we conducted on Instagram, we learnt that we were not the only ones with this specific need. So we decided to launch the brand “TDleatherboots” and opened our webshop in April 2016.

Our mission
Our mission is to supply fans, in The Netherlands (and Europe), with our product. Ethiopia is known for her extensive leather industry and by doing so we try to contribute to the economic growth of a third world country such as Ethiopia.At the moment we have a small assortment available due to the fact that we are a start-up company. The assortment consists of 6 kinds of leather boots and shoes: TD ZENA, TD KEFF boots,TD HIGH boots, TD NANI boots, TD OCHA boots and TD OCHA classic. In the future, we hope to expand the collection of TDleathers with more colors and more models. 

Do you have a question or a remark, or are you interested in a collaboration? Send an email to info@tdleatherboots.com

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ING Bank
NL18 INGB 0007167705

Chamber of Commerce

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the registration number 65358503.